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Educational projects

Since 1992, Abington Consultants has been involved in a number of educational projects related to industrial lasers and their applications coordinated by Professor Dieter Schu÷cker of the Technical University of Vienna. For more details, please link to the dissemination website:

Name of Project Date Main deliverable Our contribution
Eurolaser Academy 1992-1999 Handbook of the
Eurolaser Academy
Volumes 1 and 2
Course design
Production and editing of
ELANet 1996-2000 CD of laser models Surface treatment model
DELTA 1998-2001 CD of virtual lectures Voice-over
LINGUA 1999-2001 Multilingual CD Development of HTML code


Most Recent Project

VirtuELA 2000-2003 Distance learning CD
Virtual laboratory
Beam transmission
Materials testing
Heat treatment

Typical Screen Output for the ultrasonic laboratory project


Typical Screen Output for the Charpy Impact test simulation