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Who are we...?

... established as a full-time business in 1992, our core staff and associates have a broad range of experience in industrial laser technology, software engineering and computer management. We are active in software design and programming, laser technology training, technical commissioning and editing and winners of the DTI Smart Award for Industry

How do we operate...? the way that best suits you and your company. We could join your team, on your site, combining our knowledge and expertise with yours. Or we could work from our Abington base to provide a service or product to your specification. Often we combine both approaches to provide the optimum service. Our small core size gives us the flexibility to respond rapidly to your requirements. Our associates and professional contacts provide additional in-depth expertise.

Our Associates...

Professor Phiroze Kapadia (Colchester)
Dr Pablo Solana Perez (Madrid)
Dr Philp Blakeley (Mountjack)
Shane Thornton (Consultant Net)
Steve Walker (swalkon)

78 High Street, Abington, Cambridge, CB1 6AE, UK
Phone +44 01223 891576,
Fax +44 01223 894663